Augusto Apple Pie ice cream as product of the year 2015!

Augusto Premium ice cream cake was yet again awarded “The Best Product – Consumer Choice 2015”. Our Apple Pie ice cream with apple pieces, cinnamon, sprinkled with cane sugar received Bronze medal in the annual "The Best Product" competition organized by the Economic Publishing House.

“The Best Product 2015” is a nationwide consumer survey, with the aim to select the best new food, chemical and cosmetic products placed on the market during the period from 1st September 2013 to 1st September 2014. For your information - this survey is the Polish equivalent of the prestigious German ranking “Produkt des Jahres”, carried out over the last 15 years in the German market by publisher LPV Media GmbH. In Poland it is realized by the GfK Polonia Institute based on the original methodology developed by the INNOFACT Institute*.

Apart from the resulting title being a source of great satisfaction for us, another reason to be proud is that our ice cream cakes are so well received by Polish customers that, according to Nielsen’s data for the period April-July 2014, we ranked second place, making us the co-leaders in Poland's ice cream cakes market**.

**Nielsen AM 2014 – JJ 2014, Value Sales, Ice Cream: Desserts/Cakes, Total PL

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